Born in Paris in 1977, Renaud Corlouër has been immersed in the world of fashion and art since his childhood. In 1994, he naturally embraced the life of photographer. Very soon he came up with his own style. He perceives his work as an exchange, a will to go through the looking glass to capture, understand and emphasize a personality. His photographs prove to be intimate and iconic at once. These render the flavour, the authenticity and the complicity of a wonderful encounter.
Thanks to being a famous photographer known around the world, Renaud Corlouër has come across the most fascinating celebrities. The biggest stars from the world of cinema, fashion and sport trust him with more than their image: they trust him with a part of their soul. As a craftsman of light, he makes them shine.
In twenty years, his prolific career has involved working on advertising campaigns, magazine and record covers. During his many travels in the United States, across Asia, in Cuba, in Brazil or even amid the red sands of Africa, he has taken ethnic portraits marked with striking humanity and emotion. His exhibitions draw an ever-increasing audience and private collectors do their best to acquire pieces of his work, his ‘photographic paintings’.
Renaud Corlouër has made his life a work of art.